Equipment rentals for film and TV are provided by Pacific Backlot Services at Vancouver Film Studios.

Pacific Backlot Services was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of Vancouver Film Studios. The company’s mission is to provide production services and equipment rentals for projects throughout BC. We offer a range of equipment packages for film, TV, commercial, new media and theatrical productions.

Every production is important to us. Our staff takes great pride in providing the best equipment possible. We recognize that the creative objectives of our customers are tied to demanding and sometimes urgent deadlines. Every member of our staff understands this and is here to help you meet deadlines. Working together, we can all play our parts in providing the behind-the-scenes essentials that support the industry.


  • Lighting and grip packages with availability to revise and refine packages throughout production
  • Production facilities and supplies, including sound stages, camera packages and special effects
  • Student/Indie one-ton truck packages, with the ability to customize an affordable rental package
  • Lifts, such as aerial lifts, camera cranes and dollies, for shooting video both on and off the VFS lot
  • Location supplies, such as traffic cones, tables, chairs, propane heaters and large-scale tents

Key Contacts

Pacific Backlot Services
3500 Cornett Road, Vancouver, BC V5M 2H5 Canada
Phone: 604-453-5070
Fax: 604-453-5071

Gerry Rutherford
VP, Production Services
Phone: 604-453-6647


Derek Hall
Rentals Manager
Phone: 604-453-5081