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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

“In honour of Earth Month we are proud to present our Corporate Social Responsibility Report Parte Deux! Our ongoing mission to be transparent on our social, environmental and JEDI activities and initiatives over the past year are detailed here. We hope to continue to provoke others to take actions and hold ourselves accountable to our goals and invite you all to come on this journey with us.” – Pete Mitchell, President

We are proud to release our first Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which provides a transparent account of our social, environmental and economic actions.

As we reflect on Earth Month 2022, we are happy to publish our second Corporate Social Responsibility report. Here, we continue to be transparent and take accountability in our successes and failures of our social, environmental and economic actions in 2021. We encourage all of our customers, suppliers, shareholders, government bodies, and other stakeholders to read this report and be a catalyst for conversation and further action, within the film industry, and beyond.

To read the full report, please click here.

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