VFS: Goes Green!

Vancouver, Canada - Marking a first among Canadian film and television production facilities, Vancouver Film Studios (VFS) and its subsidiary Pacific Backlot Services achieved Carbon Neutral status as of January 1, 2008. The accomplishment is the result of more than a year of planning and on-site preparation, and heralds a new opportunity for all members of the film & television industry to reduce and neutralize the collective greenhouse gas emissions created by filmmaking activity in BC.

“Becoming carbon neutral was our priority for three reasons,” said VFS Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Pete Mitchell. “First, we feel a personal and corporate responsibility to help mitigate the effect of our operations on the environment. Second, the Government of BC – a staunch supporter of our industry as shown by their recent action on labour-based tax credits – has repeatedly asked all British Columbians to support their environmental initiatives. And third – our key customers have asked for it,” Mitchell added.

To achieve Carbon Neutral status, VFS corporate practices underwent rigorous analysis by Greenhouse Gas Accountant Paul Stewart of Go Neutral Now Consulting. Based on World Resources Institute’s “GHG Protocol” global greenhouse gas accounting and reporting standard, the analysis led to VFS’ decision to purchase carbon offset credits.

In addition, VFS established a broad range of on-site initiatives to reduce the impact of its day-to-day operations on the environment. To that end, VFS and Pacific Backlot Services have implemented the following measures:

  • Energy efficient light replacement programs for offices
  • Energy efficient HPL lighting for productions
  • Reduced temperatures in vacant stages
  • Locked out thermostats to minimize temperature fluctuations in all stages
  • The exchange of plasma screens for LCD technology
  • Lot-wide recycling of paper, cardboard and composting of organic kitchen waste
  • The use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Double-sided printing and more efficient hard-copy document management
  • Computers that go into ‘sleep mode’ when not in use
  • Use of Carbon Neutral suppliers where available

Situated on nearly two city blocks of land just fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver Film Studios is Canada’s premier motion picture production complex. With 10 purpose-built sound stages, offices, construction shops, ample parking, gym, and working helipad on a fully secured lot, VFS accommodates the needs of any production, large or small.

Recent productions at VFS include Night at the Museum, X-Men 2, X-Men 3, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four 2, and I, Robot. Currently in production at VFS are the feature films, Travelling and The Day the Earth Stood Still. VFS has been the home of Battlestar Galactica for four years and Eureka for three.

“Our customers want to know that when they book production facilities and services at Vancouver Film Studios, they have chosen an organization that meets the same carbon neutral objectives as their own companies,” said Mitchell. “We’re very pleased to offer added value with this undertaking – to all our stakeholders.”

For more information, contact:

Pete Mitchell
VFS Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
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