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    Please note that Vancouver Film Studios is not directly involved in the production of motion pictures or the hiring of crew or suppliers for the productions located on the studio lot. Accordingly, Vancouver Film Studios will not accept, consider, or review any ideas or material submitted through its website or otherwise, for film or television screenplays, advertising campaigns, or any other creative content of any nature or kind. The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential disputes regarding the production of any creative content, by Vancouver Film Studios or by any third party, which content may appear similar or identical to unsolicited ideas or material submitted to Vancouver Film Studios.

    Should you, despite the foregoing, choose to submit any such ideas or material to Vancouver Film Studios (any such submitted ideas or material, a “Submission”), you acknowledge and agree that the Submission will not be treated confidentially but will rather, immediately upon delivery to Vancouver Film Studios and without payment of any compensation to you or any other person, become the sole and absolute property of Vancouver Film Studios, whereupon Vancouver Film Studios will be at liberty to use and redistribute the Submission however it may see fit, in its sole discretion, for any purpose whatsoever. You further acknowledge and agree that the foregoing policy will apply despite any language or terms contained in any letter, e-mail, message, note, or other correspondence or communication that may accompany the Submission.

    Please refer to the “In Production” list on the Creative BC website for information on contacting current productions directly. For more information on career opportunities in British Columbia’s Film and TV industry, we encourage you to visit our Industry Contacts page.

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